Barback vacancies 2024

Barback position supports bartenders by ensuring the bar area remains well-stocked and organized. Responsibilities include replenishing inventory, such as liquor, mixers, and glassware, cleaning and maintaining the bar area, and assisting with the preparation of garnishes and other bar supplies. Barbacks also help with customer service by clearing empty glasses and restocking ice. This role is essential for maintaining the efficiency and smooth operation of the bar, allowing bartenders to focus on serving customers.

Milk & Madu Group - job vacancies

Looking for:

  1. Restaurant manager
  2. Driver
  3. Floor captain
  4. Waitress / waiter
  5. Bar captain
  6. Bartender
  7. Barback
  8. Junior graphic design
  9. Video editor

General qualifications:

  • FOH: Strong command of English
  • Junior graphic designer & video editor: Recent portfolio required
  • Experience in reputable venues essential
  • Competitive salaries
Application closed
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