Assistant chief engineer vacancies 2024

Fame Hotel Sunset Road - job vacancies

Looking for:

  • Front desk attendant
  • IT officer
  • Room division leader
  • Asst. Fb manager
  • Asst. Chief engineer
  • Fb service (trainee)
  • Housekeeping (trainee)
  • Marcom (sales & marketing) (trainee)
  • Engineering (trainee)
  • Accounting (trainee)

General qualifications:

  • Have integrity and team player
  • Have Best Grooming and attitude
  • Able to join immediately
Apply now

An assistant chief engineer supports the chief engineer in maintaining and operating a property's facilities. Duties include supervising maintenance staff, performing repairs, overseeing equipment, and ensuring safety compliance. The goal is to ensure efficient facility operations and a safe, comfortable environment for guests and staff.

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